So everyone has fine print - it comes with the territory, especially where services are concerned. The purpose of this page is to layout the terms and conditions of you hiring Fotosynthesis Photography and Design for your photography needs so there are no questions after the fact. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email us or give us a call.


1. EVERY session paid-in-full comes with a full-resolution CD with all of your pictures from the photoshoot (except the out of focus ones we throw out). This does not mean that you own the copyright - Fotosynthesis Photography and Design still reserves the copyright to use the photographs in promotional advertising, however, you recieve a license agreement to use and distribute the photographs as you wish. You can purchase the full copyright to any of your photoshoots for $500.00. If you don't want to purchase the full copyright but really don't want us to use some of your pictures in our advertising, just talk to us . . . we're nice people and I'm sure there's something we can work out :)

2. A portrait session includes the photo sitting, a full color, full-resolution CD of all your good images INCLUDING any edits we make to your photos for our online gallery and the license to use the pictures as you wish. It DOES NOT inlcude any prints. We can order prints for you - contact us for specific prices. In addition, it does not include any of the other services listed on our pricing and packages page unless purchased seperately or in a package deal. All pictures in black and white or sepia is an extra $10 charge and any additional edits are $5 a picture. This includes requests to slim subjects, add hair, switch heads, or any other major edit or if you would like additional special effects.

3. Pictures concluded in a portrait session will be printed on a CD that will be compatible with any number of printers. For the cheapest printing option at a relatively high quality, take the prints to Costco. Pictures on CD will be in a "8x12" format with a 300dpi resolution. Cropping to smaller sizes can be done with a software such as Photoshop Elements or taking care of by the printer of choice. If you would like larger pictures than the 8x12 format, requests for up to ten larger prints (up to the size of 30x40) can be made with 30 days of your photoshoot free of charge. After that time, we will no longer hold records of your photos and larger prints will be unavailable.

4. Portrait sessions that need to be rescheduled due to inclament weather will not be charged until the session has taken place. In case of weddings or other events that cannot be rescheduled, Fotosynthesis is not responsible for being unable to take certain photographs because of weather. We will do our best to create beautiful photographs despite the medium in which they are taken.

5.  Please allow at least two weeks for a regular portrait session, four to six weeks for a wedding, and four to six weeks for an entire package for processing.  Payment is due at the beginning of the portrait session.

6.  Fotosynthesis Photography & Design cannot be held responsible for the following:
  • The weather
  • Change of venue due to weather
  • Individual attitudes during the portrait session (make sure kids are well rested and full!!!)
  • Whether individuals stand up straight or are willing to work the photographer
  • Every individuals eyes being open in every photograph
  • Being rushed due to a clients late start - the photography session begins when the photographer reaches the session destination and the photographer should not be asked to stay over the agreed time frame without additional compensation.
  • Being in two places at once - we might not get every photo op out there but we will try our best.
  • Ruined photographs because of others taking flash photography at the same time the portrait session is being conducted.
  • To make the couple photogenic (we try our best)
  • Background clutter that is part of a chosen venue (such as a basketball stand in a church gym).